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Volume 23 n. 4
August 2010

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NRJ – The Neuroradiology Journal is the international development of the journal founded in 1988 as Rivista di Neuroradiologia originally designed as a publication dedicated to Italian Neuroradiology. The intervening years have seen a growing impulse to reach beyond national boundaries and join forces with the world at large. The journal’s experience with Turkish colleagues further bolstered this trend and my warm thanks go to Turgut Tali and Sossio Cirillo of the Turkish and Italian societies of Neuroradiology who have worked with me in an editorial capacity in recent years. The current project would not have seen the light without all their hard work.
I contacted all the scientific societies which to my knowledge did not have an official journal, asking them to sponsor the NRJ. Many agreed and are listed in our website with their Scientific committee. Others will hopefully join us when their members are called upon to vote. My sincere thanks go to all these societies for their trust and friendship.
This new formula poses a major challenge: to highlight different cultures and traditions and offer the widest possible international circulation. Over and above the obvious cultural, religious, political and geographic differences, we are all doctors united by our daily work, sharing the same problems, dreams, difficulties and hopes. Although geographically distant, we are nonetheless close and need each other as friends and colleagues to exchange experiences and contribute to the growth of Neuroradiology in the interests of our patients. This is the spirit in which I proposed the change in journal title and with which I plan to organize the 2010 Symposium Neuroradiologicum.
I would now like to emphasize some important technical points:

The Impact Factor: must be calculated starting from scratch. This is not a problem because the impact factor is based largely on commercial information to give advertisers a rating to gauge the potential readership of their announcements. The use of the impact factor to quantify the scientific value of a journal or an article is a distortion because it does not take into account the paper’s quality. By counting only the number of citations, a questionable article may end up having a high impact factor simply because it is often cited in criticism. Nor can a journal’s impact factor be extended to all its articles as these may vary in quality in even the most prestigious scientific journals. However, the impact factor is widely used because it is, within the limits described, an objective measure. Authors can influence a journal’s impact factor by citing its papers in articles published elsewhere.
Indexing: the Rivista di Neuroradiologia was indexed in EMBASE, the European database run by Elsevier, Amsterdam, and EMBASE will continue to index The Neuroradiology Journal. EMBASE is the largest and most complete database available but consultation is subject to payment. For this reason the free MedLine system is more widely used. However, MedLine is a selective database which applies the strict criteria of the Medical Library USA in choosing which journals to index. Not everyone agrees with these criteria, and a journal not indexed on MedLine is not necessarily mediocre, nor is it true that MedLine indexation is a guarantee of quality. But if our authors aspire to being indexed by MedLine in the future, the only way is for the NRJ to achieve a standard and Impact Factor which make it impossible to ignore. It is up to all of us to make sure that the scientific level of the NRJ is on a par with leading publications in our sector.
– All articles published in the NRJ will be available on the journal’s website www.centauro.it and can be downloaded a year after publication in the hard copy edition.
– Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to the NRJ via the website: http://nrj.edmgr.com, but manuscripts can be sent by e-mail or post if electronic submission is not possible.

Our publishing house has made a colossal effort. We are grateful to all the Societies which have joined us, all those who will read and subscribe to The Neuroradiology Journal, and especially to all those who will submit their papers.
Thank you.

Marco Leonardi

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