CT-Guided Ozone Injection for the Treatment of Cervical Disc Herniation
Yue Yong Xiao, Jin Lin Tian, Jia Kai Li, Jin Shan Zhang

Summary - We evaluated the therapeutic outcome of CT-guided ozone treatment for cervical disc herniation. All 86 patients with cervical spondylosis including myelopathy (37 cases), radiculopathy (30 cases), and sympathetic type (19 cases) were treated with ozone injection under CT guidance. The puncture route was anterolateral from the neck to the disk. A total of 2-7 ml of ozone at a concentration of 60 μg/ml were injected into the disk and 5 ml of ozone at a concentration of 40 μg/ml were injected into the paraspinal tissue. Therapeutic outcome was assessed three months after treatment by using a modified MacNab method. After injection of ozone, CT scan showed that ozone was distributed in the disk and extruded disk material in myelopathy and radiculopathy after injection, and distributed in the anterior peridural space and perivertebral body in sympathetic type. The excellent, good and poor clinical efficacy rates were 78%, 16% and 6% respectively three months after treatment. CT guided ozone injection is an accurate, safe and effective method in the treatment of cervical disc herniation.

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