Clinical Observation of O2-O3 Treating Common Kinetic System Soft Tissue Injury Pain (141 cases)
He Qing, Du Feng

Summary - Through observation of O2-O3 local infiltration treatment of eight common kinetic system soft tissue injury pain, we evaluated the short-term, mid-term and long-term efficacy of treatment in the experience of our therapeutic group. We adopt the national JZ-100 Ozone Treatment Instrument and medical-use pure oxygen as the material to prepare mixed gas of concentration 35-40 mg/LO2-O3, drawn out by 5ml injection syringes (single-use). According to pathological anatomy stigmas of different diseases, we adopt different infiltration injection methods respectively. Four sessions constitute one course with three day intervals. According to our follow-up two months after treatment, the efficacy excellence rate for eight diseases is about 85%; six months after treatment, the efficacy excellence rate is about 70%. Accurate pain site and dissection stratification infiltration can achieve positive efficacy, which is applicable for many times without the side effects of hormonal drugs.

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