Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in Sport. A Case Report
L. Re


The application of oxygen ozone therapy in muscle and joint injuries has been neglected in the past both for the presence of consolidated pharmacological principles like FANS, corticosteroids, and for the presence of instrumental and rehabilitative techniques endowed with a certain and safe effect. Our experience with ozone derives from different basic studies on the neuromuscular junction, the enormous clinical potential at medical level and the treatments performed with oxygen ozone in numerous cases of sport injuries such as distortions with or without swelling. The results obtained in several traumas of different degrees depending on diagnostic and prognostic severity have convinced us of the effectiveness of this therapeutic method. The observations of recovery, the speed of recovery being faster the earlier the treatment after the traumatic event, the disappearance of muscular lesions and the full restitutio ad integrum of the athletes have led us to report our findings.

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