Total Clinical and Radiological Resolution of Acute, Massive Lumbar Disc Prolapse by Ozonucleolysis The First Indian Case Report
V.S. Kumar


Direct injection of ozone (ozonucleolysis) has been proven to be a safe and effective alternative to open surgery for patients suffering from disc herniation in many centres around the world. From August 2003 to July 2004 45 patients with discogenic radiculopathy who had failed to respond to an average of twelve weeks of conservative treatment were treated by ozonucleolysis. Percutaneous injection of the disc(s) or foraminal injection of gas was performed in a prone position using a posterolateral approach in an out-patient setting. Over a three-week period, one injection of 4ml intradiscal ozone oxygen mixture at 29 mcg% conc. was followed by twice weekly injections of 10 ml of O3O2 in the pararadicular region. 88% had a successful outcome (55% excellent, 33% good) and 12% were failures measured on the Odom scale. There was no ozone related morbidity and no patient had to be hospitalized for any complication related to the procedure. We present two case reports from India of patients with massive lumbar disc herniation treated by ozonucleolysis who made a full recovery.

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