Use of FAT/SAT Magnetic Resonance Sequences with Gadolinium in the Pre-Treatment and Follow-up Assessment of Patients Undergoing Oxygen-Ozone Therapy
M. Bonetti, A. Fontana


We assessed the usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging (MR) after gadolinium administration with and without the fat saturation technique (FAT/SAT) in the diagnostic work up and follow-up of patients undergoing oxygen-ozone therapy. We selected 220 candidates for intraforaminal infiltration of O2-O3 from September 2002 to January 2005 and undertook MR scans after paramagnetic contrast administration before and after oxygen-ozone treatment. Intravenous contrast administration was very helpful in disclosing disease unrecognized in standard neuroradiological imaging in 18% of cases. This proved essential in planning the interventional procedure to be implemented and also allowed us to monitor the degree of soft herniated disc dehydration during follow-up. Our findings are in agreement with the latest international literature showing that T2 and T1 weighted sequences with fat suppression can yield additional information with respect to standard neuroradiological scans of the spine. This information improves clinical classification and patient selection. Additional information was also obtained from follow-up MR scans which helped us to plan the most appropriate maintenance therapy for our patients after treatment.

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