La tecnica “lamino-foraminale” nell’Ozonoterapia delle ernie discali lombari

The “Laminoforaminal Technique” in Oxygen-Ozonetherapy for Lumbar Disc Herniation

A. Scuccimarra

SUMMARY - The laminoforaminal technique is a deep  paravertebral infiltration designed to carry medical ozone as near as possible to the slipped disc. The infiltration is made into the lower part of the vertebral spine above the slipped disc and at 2,2-2,5 centimetres from the middle line since the disc in the lumbar spine is at the level of the low part of the spine of the upper vertebra. The needle is inserted perpendicularly for 5,5-6 centimetres and therefore a spinal needle (9 centimetres) is required.Key words: oxygen-ozone therapy, herniated disc.

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