Ossigeno-ozonoterapia combinata con trattamenti di medicina biologica in un caso di cefalea a grappolo

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Combined with Biological Medication to Treat Migraine. A case report

E. Riva di Sanseverino, P. Sotgiu, P. Castellacci

RIASSUNTO - In questa sede viene riportato un caso di cefalea a grappolo trattato mediante ossigeno-ozonoterapia combinata con trattamenti di medicina biologica. Il risultato è stato più rapido, più efficace e duraturo rispetto a quanto descritto in letteratura per la medesima patologia curata con farmaci chimici tradizionali.

SUMMARY - Migraine is a diffuse neuropathology usually treated by traditional and non traditional therapies but with poor and transient benefit. This report describes the results obtained in a young man with chronic severely painful headache (migraine) treated by oxygen-ozone therapy combined with biological medicine treatments. After 12 years of traditional and non traditional therapies without any acceptable benefit, the patient came to our attention at the beginning of June 2000, search for a last resort treatment. The patient was studied in depth, searching for any symptom useful for our holistic therapy. A complex therapy was then adopted combining oxygen-ozone therapy with homotoxicological remedies, according to the Reckeweg concept, and with diet-therapy and proper physical activity. The benefit of this complex treatment was immediate and the patient progressively suspended the traditional therapy (the last one, lithium carbonate) within a couple of months. The intensive complex therapy went on for six months, the patient being completely free from headache within this period. Subsequently, the treatment was continued for one year, carrying out one session monthly. Thereafter, all therapy was stopped. The last control visit in June 2003 has shown a patient in perfect physiological condition, that is, with no further headache, normal appetite, good concentration in mental activity, physical and sexual activity according to his age. In conclusion, the results obtained were to be better, more rapid and longer-lasting than traditional pharmacotherapy, that is 12 years of non-beneficial therapies against 18 months of integrated therapies with a total disappearance of migraine.

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