Percutaneous Injection of Intradiscal and Paraspinal Space with O2-O3 Mixture to Treat Lumbar Disc Herniation
XF. He, ZJ. Yu, Yh. Li, W. Lu, Ql. Zeng, Y Chen, WD. Kong, Xl. Xu, L. Li, J. Pen

SUMMARY - To evaluate the therapeutic effect and safety for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation using injection of intradiscal and paraspinal space with O2-O3 mixture. 258 patients were selected in the present study. All patients presented the symptoms of sciatica and low back pain. The diagnosis of the lumbar disc herniation including 70 buldging , 184 protrusion and 4 extrusion was verified by CT or MR imaging. O2-O3 mixture at 30-40 mg/mL and 19~21G puncture needles were prepared. The injection was conducted through the puncture of intradiscal and paraspinal space. For each herniated disc treatment, 4~6 mL O2-O3 mixture were injected into intradiscal space and 10-15 ml into paraspinal space. The patients were followed up from 3 to 28 months after treatment. The therapeutic effect showed that 160 patients (62%) had excellent recovery, and 39 cases (15,1%) had significant relief of symptoms, and 59 patients (22.9%) got failure in treatment. No any serious complication occurred. The therapeutic method developed by using O2-O3 mixture injection in lumbar intradiscal and paraspinal space was a safe and effective one for the treatment of the lumbar disc herniation.

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