First UAE Pilot Study on the Therapeutic Potential of the Oxygen-Ozone Mixtures
L. Re, A. Al Jaziri

SUMMARY - For many years ozone therapy has represented a challenge in the treatment of several pathologies of apparent different aetiology.
The first uses mainly addressed aesthetic problems and only minimum efforts were made to improve the scientific interpretation of ozone’s therapeutic potential.  In recent years, many reports have revealed the ability of ozone to reduce pain in several osteoarticular diseases and in lumbar disk herniation. In addition, the blood ozonation technique has been proved to improve the antioxidative potential of the organism inducing an unusual sense of well-being.
The lack of randomised clinical trials still induce scepticism even tough direct clinical evidence has reinforced the hypothesis that oxygen-ozone mixtures could be useful in different illnesses and in reducing the intake of the most widely used drugs such as cortisones and anti-inflammatory agents.
This work is the first large pilot study aimed at a clinical characterization of the efficacy of low ozone concentrations.

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