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VOLUME 16 - 4
December 2010

Centauro srl founded the Rivista di Neuroradiologia in 1988. Started as an independent journal, it became the official journal of the Italian Society of Neuroradiology. During this wonderful experience we realized the need for an independent journal devoted to interventional neuroradiology and related sciences. An ideal forum open to all specialists working in this field to debate, report, learn and understand what interventional neuroradiology is and most of all what it could or should be as well as the corpus of knowledge needed to work within this special field of medicine. We hope you will like this journal, read it, write for it and naturally subscribe. In the same way, we hope that the companies acting in this field will support the journal by advertising, sponsoring subscriptions, offering us presentations of products to be used by interventional neuroradiologists, endovascular surgeons,

neurosurgeons, or whoever it is performing therapeutical neuroradiological procedures. Let us emphasize that interventional neuroradiology has its own approach, which is not purely technical but patient-focused. This is not only the journal's ethos, but a suggestion to all who are involved or will be or would like to be involved in this field. Mastering a technique is extremely important and certainly the logical basis of the neuroradiologist's work, but it is not enough. We need to know more about other disciplines from physiology, embryology, pathology and anatomy to intensive care, neurosurgery and neurology to be able to act as physicians and not as just technicians despite being experts in special or acrobatic procedures. Interventional Neuroradiology is designed as a worldwide independent scientific journal.
Pierre L. Lasjaunias - Marco Leonardi

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