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VOLUME 9 - N° 2
October 2010


How a new journal is first presented often affects its success. This makes my task a daunting one. For this reason I will confine myself to the basics, i.e. oxygen-ozone therapy.
Why dedicate a journal to this new discipline, still largely shrouded in scepticism? The main reason is probably to try and give meaning and scientific worth to a field in which approximation and muddled thinking have merely become a justification for indifference. This journal offers the possibility to publish hitherto unrecorded scientific findings. It also aims to act as a teaching vehicle for the growing number of doctors currently administering oxygen-ozone therapy.
Clinical findings recently presented in national and international patient series, namely in the treatment of disc herniation, have reinforced our commitment to search for the rationale behind the mechanisms of action of oxygen-ozone therapy.
The journal’s aims are therefore ambitious. Its main target is to combat the mystification and scepticism surrounding this new discipline and establish a sound body of scientific evidence. It also seeks to voice the findings of those who have worked until now in silent dedication, and offer a forum for serious debate and discussion.
I am proud to present the first journal in the world devoted to oxygen-ozone therapy. Please submit your papers, letters, comments and suggestions. Rivista italiana di Ossigeno-Ozono Terapia in april 2006 evolved in International Journal of Ozone Therapy and It currently publishes papers in English.

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